"draw me like one of your french cherries"


"draw me like one of your french cherries"

[Guess who just set up a brand-spankin’-new dual band router~


"Mario Mario Mario!"



"Vivian, hiya!"


The perpetually-cheerful plumber is even more cheerful upon seeing his adorable friend.

"Wow, you got some pretty good timing!" He grinned, giving his trademark laugh. "Heehee~! I was just about to go find you!”


"I-I’ve missed you!"
She said, smiling at him. Her cheeks flushing a bright red. She smiled still but tilited her head to the side hearing his words. About to go find her? what did he need her for?



"Thaaaat’s right." He replied, raising a finger to accent his point. "Don’t think I’ve forgotten! I owe you a day at Glitzville, and I’m not a fan of making a lady wait, either!"


"Yep, a full day, just you and me and nobody to interrupt anything you might wanna do!"

He paused.

"…Actually, probably a good thing it’s you, too. Because if it was Miss Mouz or something, they’d probably take advantage of the fact they could probably manipulate me into any kind of ulterior motives. Wouldn’t hold it against ‘em, neither."


"Also I’ve really missed those hotdogs.”

Wow, he…he really didn’t realize what he just said, did he?

The only other capcom character that I really want to see in Smash is Chibiterasu. Sure, he was only in one game, but he WAS the main Character, and it was on a nintendo system. (plus if his mother can be in Marvel vs Capcom, I see no reason why he can't make it into a fighting game as well)

That’s easy, because Ammy is the main character of the franchise.

Having said that, guys, there’s a reason Mega Man’s in the game beyond what you think.

It’s probably before most of your guys’ time, those in middle school and such, but Mega Man was essential in keeping Capcom alive for a good long while, there. Street Fighter carried a lot of the weight after it came about, but th core series before any of the others came around was the Blue Bomber’s.

Not to mention, do you realize how intertwined his series is to Nintendo? His franchise on the whole has had six roles on the NES, three on the SNES, one on the Nintendo 64, seven on the GameBoy, eight on the GameBoy Advance, and eight on the Nintendo DS. 

33 games, errybody. I’ll leave it at that.

Also, there’s the issue of Capcom having jack and shit for the 25th anniversary and needing to put him somewhere that will make them money without them having to actually do anything. XP

No offense but I kinda would have liked to see Felicia as Capcom's rep, but than again she's already from a fighting game.

While I respect your opinion, I would like to remind you that you are requesting a character that’s never had a starring role, I don’t think has ever been on a Nintendo console period, is essentially nude, and in no way needs help being exposed because Capcom already flaunts her for sex appeal.

Thankfully, we the fans recognize Felicia for being a sweet, strong-willed nun/actress. Her being beautiful is just a bonus.

As you can probably tell from the above, I do love Felicia. That said, she needs a spot on Smash about as much as Naruto does.

…W-Which means “not at all”. …Please don’t tell me people have requested that.


"No kind of Pac-Man is going to work in Smash Bros"


No, Mr. Game & Watch came first.

[No, Pac-Man came frist. Game & Watch did exist a few months earlier, yes — but the series, not the character. Like every other game at the time, they were nameless objects for the player to use.

M. Game & Watch didn’t actually exist as a thing until years later. You could think of him as sort of the collective consciousness of the games, I’d say.]

Thoughts on people complaining about Captain Falcon and Ness?

[“Counterproductive crybabies” comes to mind. >.>

I mean, really? Guys, the original 12 are going to be there, one. Two, we need secret characters to not be shown on the site. Did you forget the Dojo didn’t show the unlockables until after the release?

Three: What better time than E3 to unveil the final 3rd-party character and wow the crowd?

"Captain Falcon’s back", no shit. "Ness is back", who saw that crazy twist coming?

"Pac-Man’s in"? ZE CROWD GOES WILD for the most recognized gaming icon in history.]

((Thoughts on the latest E3?))

[I…. Honestly, Nintendo took it. They needed games, they delivered games.

Last year it was Sony, no denying it. This year, Microsoft was playing it safe because their ass is still in “recovery mode”, as Sony, while satisfying, kinda blew their load last year.

Also, Sakurai committing the greatest achievement in gaming multicorporation history: bringing Nintendo, Sega, Capcom and Namco, the four classic giants, under one title.]

[Cute blog!]

[Hey, thanks! :D I’m glad to see the WiR fandom’s surviving here, myself!]